Tor Hildyard



During a printmaking workshop each student will be treated on an individual basis, so that beginners and the more experienced can all work together.
 Students can learn to make and print their own plates and will be introduced to the different methods in etching; hard and soft ground, and also aquatint.
They can also learn about collograph and carborundum prints, linocuts, polyester litho, and monoprints.
The more advanced student will be encouraged to explore and experiment with the different and exciting ways of printmaking.
Students can come along on an individual basis or join a small class. The more experienced printmakers are welcome to book open access time in the studio.

Workshops include Monoprinting, Collographs, linocuts and Paper Litho.

The Studio is located in a beautiful garden with distant views
across fields.
A lovely place to get inspiration, relax and to forget the troubles
of the day.